Saturday, September 17, 2016

Pictures from my first month in Boise

I thought I would include a quick update with pictures from the past month. 

Our day trip to Silver City, Idaho. 
We saw a concert and a sunset after we hiked to this beautiful spot in the foothills  
A hike in another part of the Boise foothills with former JV's on Labor Day!     
The Boise Hot Air Balloon Festival. We watched as these balloons were lit up in a local park one night, after I saw them rise on my walk to service the previous morning.  
Our  first hike in the foothills with one of our support families. We watched the sun set and the full moon rise as we sat together on the mountain, watching the city of Boise light up.  
On our trip to the Western Idaho Fair we took this picture in front of the potato used in the annual "Potato Drop" here in Boise, Idaho on New Year's Eve. It is a real event, if you can believe it!
More pictures to come in future posts! 

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  1. My first two years of teaching were in Idaho Falls. These pics are bringing me back. Spectacular!